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Your supplier of building materials for tile stoves and fireplaces

The company Krby TURBO s.r.o. (Fireplaces  TURBO Ltd.) is one of the most important suppliers of stove building materials and other components in the Czech Republic. Here you can find everything you need for the construction of fireplaces and stoves - from traditional rustic structures to modern and technological design, including an extensive range of accessories.

Krby TURBO s.r.o.. (2004) combines our years of experience in the field, our own unique program of building materials “SILATERM” and a network of suppliers of renowned brands.
The building materials program “SILATERM” was developed in collaboration with stove fitters, the leading technologies, universities and laboratories. We are able to respond flexibly to demand, and based on the wishes of stove and stove-insert manufacturers, as well as ideas from other industries, we supply and develop special types of heat resistant substances and other materials.

“SILATERM”  includes high-quality stove-building materials and products of our own production:

  • RELAX – Heat Accumulating forms made from graphite
  • SILAPOR – Liapor Cinder Blocks
  • WOOD OVENS (different sizes and variants)
  • STOVE MORTAR - (hydraulic, ceramic, ceramic-hydraulic)
  • STOVE PLASTER - (shaping, coarse, extra smooth)
  • INSPECTION HATCHES - (for stoves and accumulative ceramic flue system)
  • GROUT - (for tile stoves)

“SILATERM” has became an accompanying building material for the vermiculite construction boards “GRENAISOL”. These products are being successfully sold across Europe.


  • BRULA    (building systems for stoves and fireplaces)
  • SKAMOTEC 225 (calcium silicate boards)
  • GRENAISOL (vermiculite boards)
  • SEEIF CERAMIS (fireclay products)
  • Industrial ceramics (heat-resistant concretes)
  • ROMOTOP (fireplace and stove inserts)
  • KRATKI     (fireplace and stove inserts – in cooperation with PechaSan spol. s r.o.)
  • KERALITE   (heat-resistant glass)

The full range of Krby TURBO s.r.o. products are always in stock. Our firms logistics allows us to deliver the goods within 2 working days of being ordered.

Professional cooperation:

We actively cooperate with the "Stove Fitters Guild Czech Republic" and the "Czech Stove Fitters Institute"

Education and courses:

Product training is usually one day, focused on specific products and suppliers. Practical - Technology training is usually a few days and takes the form of workshops focused on technological processes. Basic and extension training courses for professional qualification in the field of stove builder take considerably longer. Successful graduates can apply for a trade license on the basis of this qualification.

About 300 people each year attend our trainings, including some of the most active and prosperous in the profession.

In our database of customers, we have over 800 active companies / stove fitters.


Thanks to all these elements, the company Krby TURBO s.r.o.  has become a quality, stable, trustworthy and commercially interesting partner for all professionals in the field.

We look forward to working with you.